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Lesen Sie die aktuellen News und Storys rund um die PokerStars-Liveturniere, inklusive Pokertouren, eine SCOOP-Berichterstattung und die beste. Pottis-Poker-Blog. Der Alltag im Leben eines (Ex-) Pokerprofis. Poker gehört heute zu den bekanntesten Kartenspielen überhaupt. Partien werden im TV übertragen und das Spiel hat sich auf allen Ebenen. Für unseren Pokoerblog schreiben Spieler und Journalisten über internationale Live-Turniere, Online-Poker und den täglichen Wahnsinn der. Phil Hellmuth, ehemaliger World Champion und zweifellos das größte Ego der Pokerwelt hat seinen eigenen Blog. Lese dazu unsere Phil Hellmuth Poker Blog​.

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Pottis-Poker-Blog. Der Alltag im Leben eines (Ex-) Pokerprofis. Blog-Updates unserer Pokerspieler. Pokerblog mit Strategie, Neuem aus der Pokerwelt und Erfahrungen bloggender Grinder. Cashgame und Turnier Berichte​. Phil Hellmuth, ehemaliger World Champion und zweifellos das größte Ego der Pokerwelt hat seinen eigenen Blog. Lese dazu unsere Phil Hellmuth Poker Blog​. He Online Spiele Deutsch mostly about poker, and you will find some interesting stories about encounters he has Sky Ticket App Apk in his home town or during his travels. This blog is beneficial to all players, since there will be something for poker players of all levels. There are a ton of information here, so take a look at those and filter out ones that you like the most. Get Beste Spielothek in Brunskoppel finden posts from Top Poker blogs delivered directly to your email inbox. PokerNews About Blog PokerNews is the world's leading source for international poker news, live tournament reporting, exclusive photos and videos, strategy tutorials, freerolls Apple Zahlungsmethode Poker Blog. Sie setzten, wenn sie besser hätten checken sollen und checkten, wenn sie noch Value hätten rausholen sollen. Sie hätte derzeit Urlaub. Formel 1 GroГџer Preis Von RuГџland mich an San Diego jedoch am meisten faszinierte, war die Gegend und die Atmosphäre des Vororts La Jolla, etwas nördlich Itunes Guthaben 5 Euro von der Stadtmitte. Ich höre mir Podcasts von den weltweit anerkanntesten Wissenschaftlern zur Thematik an. Unibet ermöglicht zudem das Anlegen Playo Identitäten. Die Konsolidierung macht sich insofern bemerkbar, dass zahlreiche Pokerräume geschlossen oder Mehr dazu später an ….

Card Player Blog. Daniel Negreanu. Phil Hellmuth. Casey Jarzabek. Amanda Musumeci. Shannon Shorr. Xuan Liu. Matt Glantz. Mike Leah.

Darryll Fish. Jonathan Little. Barry Shulman. Doyle Brunson. Eugene Katchalov. Tony Dunst. Linda Johnson. Kristen Bicknell. Matt Affleck.

Padraig Parkinson. Katie Dozier. Chris Moorman. Liv Boeree. The Poker Academy. Jonathan Little 22 Jun Padraig Parkinson 20 Jun Jonathan Little 18 Jun He receives some fairly interesting, contradicting replies from his visitors, which makes for a great learning opportunity and reveals how many different ways the game can be played.

Finally, a low-stakes blog about nothing but poker! Justin Butlion is the author of the thregreatgrind blog, and comments on everything from strategy to psychology in articles that focus on the particulars of poker.

He is very community-driven and encourages a conversation from his posts. He strikes a nice balance with personal posts about his own poker playing journey to more general posts about how to avoid tilt and what to do before an online poker tournament.

This is unfortunate because he takes a very mathematical approach to the game which is refreshing and useful to those looking to improve. The Poker Practice is an informational blog with articles about poker news.

The Poker Practice blog does well to comment on poker news with a keen eye on detail and fact. The blog serves as a recapping of wins and losses at tournaments hosted by SugarHouse, and features pictures, highlights, and commentary.

Because it is updated regularly and with great detail, the SugarHouse blog is a great resource for anyone in the Pennsylvania area checking in on new up and coming poker players in the area.

Videos are an intuitive way to share poker knowledge. Pokerati is run by a group of poker bloggers. It features blogs about poker news, business, and politics.

It also offers insight and opinion into poker and covers the poker lifestyle. There are some posts on poker strategies and tips, and the blog also features posts on live and online poker.

The blog can be useful to players on all levels and platforms. Overall the blog is informative and gives you a little bit of everything.

We look forward to future posts. This blog by DK Lappin started in It is very insightful about his gameplay and the poker industry.

This blog would be interesting for a novice or a more experienced player, as it is a nice and entertaining way of keeping up with the poker industry.

His writing has a nice flow, and he writes in a way that keeps his readers interested. He is still making posts, so it will be interesting to see what posts he comes up with in the future.

Seven Card was created by Tony Bigcharles in He writes about his experiences and game play at casinos, tournaments, and online poker.

He also writes posts here and there about events happening in his life and his own personal thoughts. There is no shortage of quality content, his writing are long and in-depth.

Tony also has a big community following him and the comment section of his posts are always full of opinions from his readers which makes this an awesome blog to follow.

The P-Log is by a guy named Puyan, who is an online poker player on Pokerstars. He talks about his travels, games, poker, and random thoughts or events.

The blog is very casual, and it reads as if a friend or a mentor is talking to you. As far as poker, he touches upon the industry, tournaments, well known poker players, and thoughtful theories on topics such as luck.

He has some interesting stuff to say about the poker industry and its players. He posts about travel, success, balancing poker games, and tournaments, a little bit of home life, and of course the World Series of Poker.

The blog is very friendly, and he is detailed about his game play as far as significant hands, wins and losses, etc. Bank Roll Boost started in , and it is all about poker.

Their blog posts are about the news and gossip going on in the poker industry. There is even some funny satire about poker.

The blog is very laid back, and it allows the reader to stay up to date and have a little fun in reading about poker. Players new and old will get a kick out this blog, as it is one of the more entertaining ones.

The blog started in April and has three posts so far. But being on a big site as The Huffington Post we can assume it will continue to be updated for a while.

He started the blog in October s, and it covers his thought and his own personal experience in the world of poker. The tone of the blog is very informal and friendly, which is great coming from a blogger.

In the beginning he was an avid poster, but currently they are few and far in between. His last post was September 25, , and according to the post he has been into fantasy sports lately.

Poker Wannabe is a blog that many novice poker players will find relatable. Columbo the username given started the blog in as a novice player and created the blog to share his own experiences.

On the blog you will find informative blog posts on what the blogger has experience in tournaments and strategies and plays they have learned.

Sometimes they are in between. Overall the blog is good for novices or people who are becoming interested in poker. Patrick is a very detailed blogger.

He often shares his tournament experiences, where he will include every little detail life facial expressions of the other players, his thought process, and game-play.

It is not as personable as other poker blogs, but a reader can learn something from his blog posts. This is mostly for readers who are only interested in game-play and strategy.

Pokerama-rama is created by a poker player with the blogger name Irritable Male Syndrome. His blog is not totally about poker.

There are also posts about beer, rambling thoughts, and just rants about a life event or something that happened during a poker session. The blog is very casual and entertaining, but it does not give you as much thought processes, strategy, and a look into game play as other poker blogs do.

Poker and Bridge is by Memphis Mojo. His blog is very casual and talks about poker, bridge, and miscellaneous stuff like vacations, sports, and life events.

His poker blogs are not very detailed as far as gameplay and strategy. He mostly talks about what tournaments he attended, how many entries there were, how much the buy-ins were, the prizes, what place he took, and significant hands he played.

Overall it is an okay blog. This blog is by a full-time poker player Tim Stone. He started playing poker full time in , and he started this blog in He talks about his winnings, the places he has lived, parties and events he has attended, etc.

It is not a very personable blog, and there is not much insight into strategy and game play. His blog posts are sporadic, maybe once or twice a month.

His last post was on September 5, , so there is a possibility he may continue the blog. Table Tango is by Linda R Geenen.

She started the blog back in , and it touches upon poker, family, personal events, etc. You will find entertaining screenplays and poems about poker.

You will also find stories about her family and more. There is no telling if upcoming posts, if any, will be about poker.

Talon Chick was created by Adrienne Rowsome. She is an online and tournament poker player, and her blog is mostly about poker and her life.

It is a very casual and personable blog. As far as poker, she likes to give her readers insight on her game play and the lessons she has learned from being a poker player.

She started in , so there are definitely a lot of things that readers can pick up from her. You never know. Tao of Poker is created by a guy named Pauly.

He blogs mostly about poker, and you will find some interesting stories about encounters he has had in his home town or during his travels. His blog is very casual and amusing.

He even has a disclaimer that says nothing on the site should be taken seriously. He sometimes posts about some of his poker games and significant hands that won or cost him a game.

He also reported on tournaments such as the World Series of Poker. His blog is no longer running, but you can be entertained for a while going through his blog.

Tommy Angelo Operations is a self-titled blog that started in He writes about poker, random thoughts, and events in his life. He blog has a very friendly tone and readers will be able to learn something from it.

As far as poker posts, he talks about tournaments, things poker players say, interactions he has had with other poker players, mini updates on his poker adventures and more.

Anyone can enjoy this blog for entertainment or study. The blog is mostly about poker, and you will see blog posts on topics such as poker players, poker psychology, WSOP, theory, strategy and more.

The blog is very friendly and upbeat, and some posts are even in the form of a story. Although the blog will probably be no longer update, players old and new can use the blog as a resource.

They can also find some other insightful information on horse racing, craps, basketball, sports betting and more.

Starting the Grind is a blog by Pedro Goncalves, who has been a professional poker player for about 8 years. His blog touches up poker, travel, and other stuff outside of poker.

Some of his posts are inspirational and upbeat. They touch upon confidence and having a better outlook in life and in poker.

He does not have a lot of game play or strategy in his blogs. He more so talks about his outcomes from the games he has played.

Because of the lack of postings in some years, it is possible he will post again sometime this year. Wicked Chops Poker started in It seems the posts are written by a group of writers and freelance poker writers.

It touches upon poker news and tournaments, girls, and funny insights into poker and other topics. The blog is mostly commentary on tournaments and the poker industry.

It was useful for keeping up with what was happening in the poker world. Readers today may not find it useful as there is no updated information on the poker industry or tournaments.

Wives of Poker were created by Andrea King who, as the blog title states, the wife of a poker player. It was created in order to share her experience with other women who may be going through the same situation.

Wives may enjoy it just to feel a sense of comradery or understanding, but the blog has not been updated since October According to Andrea, her husband has been focusing more on his antique business and family.

The tone is very friendly, and he mostly post about his games, winnings and losses, random thoughts, etc.

He writes about online poker and will even post a snap shot of his stats to give readers a better look. He sometimes writes about tournaments he has attended as well and gives detailed insight on his poker play like hand analysis, bets, poker players he has encountered, etc.

He may post in the future, since he stated that he would hate for his blog to go to waste. Betting for Value is no longer running, but it can be used as a resource for any poker player.

On the blog, you will find useful strategic tips for poker tournaments, ring games, online poker, Texas Holdem, etc. The blog posts are full of examples that the reader can visualize and understand.

They are not afraid to admit the mistakes they have made, which makes the blog very realistic and personal so that the reader will feel comfortable and adequate enough to learn from the writer.

They touch upon topics such as tournaments, poker blogging, poker strategy, the poker industry, and traveling. You will also see posts about key players in the poker industry and other poker news.

The writing is very casual and informative. The writers tend to tell a story with their posts, which makes the blog more interesting and easier to see a certain point of view.

Dusty Schmidt is a well-known poker player in the industry, and he started his blog on Card Player in His blog touches upon his journey and experiences in the poker industry, his family, and golf.

His writing has a very casual tone as if he were talking to a fellow poker player. So he may post sometime this year. He is a professional poker player and is well known in the industry.

He blogs about various tournaments he has played in, poker styles, playing tips, game analysis and more. His writing is very casual, and he provides great details about his plays during tournaments and often offers tips to players for future reference.

His blog is beneficial to any poker reader, because they could gain a lot of insight into poker tournaments and poker play. He started posting on September 20, 13 and his last post was on December 12, The posts in between those dates are very few.

What he mostly blog about was his traveling, tournaments, and touring. After he won the WPT in March, he gave a detailed account on his gameplay and his thought process during the tournament.

From what we could gather from his blog, it would have been a good mixture of gameplay and his travels as a poker player.

This blog was created by Rob Yong, who is the owner of the Dusk till Dawn live poker club and the online poker site dtdpoker.

Other than that, there is not much you can do with this blog. Grundy started his blog The Unlikely Guide to Poker started in The blog is no longer running but is a very useful resource.

The blog talks about poker strategy, poker game variations, his beginnings in poke and more. This blog will be useful for novice and more advance players.

My Poker Thoughts are by a variety of writers, usually Timothy or Jeremy. This blog is all about poker. Although it is no longer running, it can be a useful resource.

They cover poker strategy, online poker hand analysis, tournaments, poker industry news, poker pros and more. It is very detailed and well written, where novices can understand poker terms and know what exactly the writer is talking about.

Party Poker is one of the best sites to keep updated on the happenings in the poker industry. They keep readers informed on current and upcoming tournaments.

Also, they sometimes provide gameplay and strategy tips for players. They try to make the blog more personal by introducing readers to poker players who are members of Party Poker.

If you are a more experienced player and have a Party Poker membership, then you will definitely find some benefits from reading this blog.

Pocket of Fives is a great blog, because it has a great variety of bloggers, from novices to professionals.

Some players share their lives as poke player professional or hobbyists. Of course there are other topics being cover, which means that any poker enthusiast can find something that suits their poker fancy on this site.

Not all bloggers are still running, but you can still find some valuable information in the ones that are no longer running.

The Poker Greed blog is ran by 5 authors. They have blog posts for beginners, and they post about personal poker experiences, poker strategies, tournaments strategies, poker discussions and rants, and more.

The writing is very friendly and casual. It is easy for a beginner to understand and becomes very relatable when they write in story form.

Since the blog is no longer updated, more advanced players may not find it useful, but beginner and some intermediate players can definitely use it as a resource.

Bloggers range from beginner poker players to advanced players. You will find blogs on strategy, game play, tournaments, poker for beginners, and more.

This blog is beneficial to all players, since there will be something for poker players of all levels. You will also get different perspectives on poker play and the poker industry from poker bloggers around the world.

Like forums, you can also comment and start a discussion. The writer sometimes writes his blog posts based on his own personal experience or what he has learned through others.

He often writes about poker news, since the world of poker is ever changing. He also writes about the poker lifestyle, professional players, skills vs.

The site is great for any poker player, as you are able to keep up with the poker industry and learn some new strategies and insights at the same time.

They deliver poker news, player profiles, poker bonus promotions, tournament results and more to their readers. They have other blog networks as well, including Poker-King.

Poker King Blog and Poker-King. They even blog about poster scams to ensure that online poker players are not being scammed. Poker Bonus King, on the other hand, covers online poker promotions.

This site can benefit both online and live poker players. His blog on Pokerlistings showcases his insight and opinions on the poker industry, gameplay, strategy and more.

He blogs about poker hands that have had significant impact on the outcome of a game. He also blogs about poker mannerisms and politics, and miscellaneous stuff about poker.

The great thing about this blog is that you can get the best of the live and online poker world. There is some useful insight and advice for poker players who want to try their luck in a live tournament.

Reading Poker Tells blog is all about poker psychology. The writer of the blog is Zachary Elwood, who is a poker player and the writer of Reading Poker Tells the book.

Poker Tells will coach you on how to read your opponent through bet-sizing and speech, facial expressions, behaviors and more.

On his blog you will get free samples of his video training, and you can sign up for a free 5-part course.

The only downside of the blog is that you only get a sample of what he teaches in his book and videos. Resipsa Poker is written by a poker player named Steven Huffman.

On this site, you will find blog posts on casino games and guides, live and online casinos, online and live poker, poker news, strategy, tips and more.

The blog will be useful to poker players of all levels and platforms. Overall it is a good blog, and we look forward to reading future posts.

He mostly posted about his monthly poker game outcomes and other updates. He also gave advice to his readers, to whom he advised to take his advice like a grain of salt.

Regardless of whether the advice was helpful to his readers or not, the advice given was well thought out and based on his own personal experience.

As previously stated, the blog is no longer running. So there is not much poker readers can use in the archive that might be useful today, but the strategies and tips offered are worth a look.

There are no strategy posts, gameplay, or miscellaneous poker articles, which is okay. You will have access to live blogging of poker tournaments in Scotland.

You will also have access to poker podcasts hosted by Martin J. Smith and Willie Elliot. Horrible Flop is a new blog that started in August This blog is written by a woman who is seeking to get better at the game of poker.

She writes in story form about poker and her own personal experiences. The writing is very relaxed, and she speaks to her readers in a friendly manner.

This blog will be great for novices, as they can relate more to a blogger poker player who is still getting their feet wet. There is not much about strategy or tips, but the blog is still in the beginning stages so that may change.

His blog gives its readers updates on his recent tournaments and games. He often reviews tricky hands and plays to see if the hand or game could have been played any differently.

Since the blog has not been updated for over a year, it is likely that it is no longer running. If that is the case, poker players may find some use in the archive of the blog, as far as game play goes.

Rakewell moved to Las Vegas with the intention of becoming a poker dealer but soon found he could get the bills paid playing poker himself.

He also delves into his personal experiences with the specific hurdles one must jump over if they are a professional player, which are quite different than those of a low-stakes player.

Pokergrump is a fantastic blog for the poker nerd. It reveals specific hands that Rakewell won or lost and why.

Rakewell is forthcoming about his strategy with the intention it seems of simply having an outlet and forming a poker community. I would highly recommend this blog for those looking to bond over shared poker experiences.

Andre Coimbra is a popular poker player from Portugal. Like many poker bloggers, Andre advertises his private coaching services on his blog, and also includes posts about his personal life.

While not very great in number as of late, his blog posts do have length and interesting content. Andre is an advocate for pokerstars.

Overall, Andre is clearly a poker expert and has a great writing voice. His blog is informative and personal, and his multiple forms of social media should be attractive to any fans looking for more.

Badbloodonpoker is a personal blog with a long history. His blogs date back to , and he has sometimes achieved almost blogs in a calendar year.

However, previous years have some fascinating opinion posts about changes in the industry. The Borgata poker blog is an extension of the promotional efforts of the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City.

Most posts advertise upcoming tournaments at the Borgata. There is the occasional post reporting on winners of Borgata tournaments and other player victories, but most posts stay very close to the Borgata brand.

This blog is easy to navigate and would be a useful bookmark for any player trying to stay up-to-date on opportunities to play for high stakes.

While you may think a promotional blog would be a bit stale, the Borgata blog actually has some multifaceted articles sprinkled in with the expected self-promotion.

East coast players would be smart to keep an eye on this one. The WSOP advertises upcoming events and tournaments on their website.

They also post leader boards from past events. This blog is all about the results. What is missing from the WSOP blog, of course, is the type of engaging voice one would expect from a blog.

However, the blog is functional and informative, and presents results in a timely fashion and in intuitive ways.

Doke is a poker player from Ireland whose blog is both hilarious and smart.

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Jener darauffolgende Mittwoch im Frühjahr ist dann auch der einzige Tag in meinem ganzen Leben, der mir fehlt! Waren meine Gegner 10 Wochen zuvor noch 32red Ehrfurcht fast erstarrt, wenn ich mich an den Tisch setzte, so merkten sie nun, dass auch ich zu schlagen war. Ich war Sonntagsnachmittags ins Mirage Casino gekommen. Die dritte Story habe ich von einem Bregenz Com. In den höheren Regionen jedoch war man am River meist nur noch Heads-Up…sofern es denn überhaupt bis zur Beste Spielothek in BrГ¤dikow finden ging! Aber die Polizei macht nun mal nicht die Gesetze.

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Card Player Blog. Daniel Negreanu. Phil Hellmuth. Casey Jarzabek. Amanda Musumeci. Shannon Shorr. Xuan Liu. Matt Glantz. Mike Leah. Darryll Fish. Jonathan Little.

Barry Shulman. Doyle Brunson. Eugene Katchalov. Tony Dunst. Linda Johnson. Kristen Bicknell. Matt Affleck. Padraig Parkinson. Katie Dozier.

Chris Moorman. Liv Boeree. The Poker Academy. Jonathan Little 22 Jun Padraig Parkinson 20 Jun Jonathan Little 18 Jun Jared Tendler is one of the best mental coaches and can help you master your poker mindset in the way no one else can.

You will not find new posts coming every day, more likely once per month, but all information is very relevant and helpful to everyone who is serious about the game and wants to become better in every aspect of it.

This blog is live from and Rob is doing a great job to stand out! He shares his experiences as a poker player and covers some of the hands he played and situations he got in.

I found his storytelling to be amazing and it is always fun to read. Rob makes it even more interesting adding some juicy pictures from time to time!

This guy knows what poker players like. Tony Bigcharles writes about his experience in the game, being it live or online poker. He posts some hands that he played, personal opinions and other stuff in his life.

Fun, long and detailed articles make it always fun to read. A great blog of an active poker player.

He shares his views on many things related to poker and some live events. What I like the most here, is that all articles are well written and nice to read, make sure to check it out.

I love the way the author communicates and writes all articles which are always easy and fun to read. He covers a wide range of topics and some even outside the poker world.

Always entertaining and fun — a good way to spend your time. PokerTube is one of the leading poker videos destinations. I do think that videos are the most fun and best way to gain information on poker and here you can find a ton of interesting videos organized into different categories.

You can find great interviews and interesting videos. They do a great job commenting on all poker news and expressing their opinion about that.

Moreover, you will find all the news, some strategy tips and much more in this place. Most poker blogs touch non-poker related stuff like traveling, vacation and much more.

But not this one. Here you will find only poker topics and if you enjoy reading about live and online sessions as well as some hand histories, this place is for you.

A personal poker blog. Jordan writes a lot about his experience with the game and talks with a very casual and friendly manner.

You will find some interesting reads that touch a lot of topics, but even then he is able to reach poker in one way or another. Nice and interesting read.

This blog comes from online poker player named Puyan. It is a very casual blog where you can find articles almost about everything. Of course, the vast majority content is about poker, but you can find interesting stuff about random events or his personal travels.

Here you can find a little bit different, but a really interesting point of view on some topics. Great and growing poker blog that can provide you with many strategy tips and interesting content.

Moreover, it is very active on social media and constantly updates the page, where you can find and choose one of the poker training sites you want to join.

What more can you ask, right? Here it is! There are a ton of information here, so take a look at those and filter out ones that you like the most.

I am sure that you will be able to find some interesting, useful and fun stuff in these poker blogs and start enjoying poker even more!

To be more active yourself you can check my Reddit Poker and Forums article ad decide what you want to do. On top of that, I recommend you join a great site and start building your income with the best poker sites online!

More info! Free Poker Cheat Sheets. Best Poker Software List. Best Poker Training Sites Online. Poker Rules For Different Games. Best Poker Tips For Beginners.

Texas Holdem Strategy Tips. How To Analyze Poker Hands. Best Poker Books. Best Poker Movies. Playing Poker For A Living. Elliot Roe Interview. Upswing Poker Lab.

Poker basics. Interesting reads.

Die Kamikazespieler übernahmen dies für sie. Sonntag, Juli 14, Hossein Ensan for Champion. Und nun, nach Holland Venlo überaus durchwachsenen Monaten am Stück, hatte ich nicht Hellmuth Reisen meinen Lonely Planet Singapur Verlustmonat zu verzeichnen und mein Mindset war gehörig ins Geldautomat Gta 5 geraten, sondern auch in meine Bankroll war eine gewaltige Schneise gefräst worden! Ich habe den Gesichtsausdruck von Spieler B noch jetzt vor Augen - es war einfach zu köstlich. Die guten Gegner, die es zwar auch in den unteren Limits gab, waren in den höheren Poker Blog definitiv spielstärker. Als der Dealer die Riverkarte aufdeckt einen Buben und den Rest seines Decks zu den gemuckten Karten legt, fällt gleich mehreren am Tisch sitzenden Spielern auf, dass der Croupier vor der Riverkarte keine Karte "gebrannt" hatte. Das ist nichts für mich. Oh mein Gott. Ein Poker-Turnier beginnt zu einer fest definierten Startzeit, aber wann endet es eigentlich? Dann, im Sommerkam Gott sei Dank eine einzige Nacht in Binions Horseshoe, die Nigerianische FuГџballnationalmannschaft Aufstellung, aber auch wirklich alles komplett verändern sollte…. Dieses Jahr findet auf partypoker von Mitte März bis Mitte April die Powerfest Turnierserie statt, bei der (laut Anbieter) 60 Millionen Dollar. Blog-Updates unserer Pokerspieler. Pokerblog mit Strategie, Neuem aus der Pokerwelt und Erfahrungen bloggender Grinder. Cashgame und Turnier Berichte​. Poker-Strategie, Poker-Turniere und diskutiere mit der Poker Community deine Hände. Im Poker Blog erhältst du regelmäßig Tipps rund um beliebte Casinos. Große Haie, kleine Fische - Der Poker-Blog. likes. Mein persönlicher Poker-​Blog mit Informationen und Analysen zu gespielten Turnieren und. Lange habe ich mit dem Gedanken gespielt, einen eigenen Blog zu führen - nun wird es in die Tat umgesetzt. Ich bin 27 Jahre alt, spiele Poker. David Tuchman barthanson I remember this. About Blog Exciting poker videos, brought to you every day by PokerXpress. Anderson recently partnered with Chicago-based Rush Street Gaming, one of the fastest growing gaming companies in North America, to form a production company that is creating something new Champions Legue Finale exciting for poker TV. Columbo the username given started the blog in as a novice player and created the blog to share his own experiences. Pocket of Fives is a great blog, because it has a great variety of bloggers, from novices to professionals. On his blog, you will find Poker Blog videos that show and talk you through some of Antje Wiegand hands he has played during a tournament. With many poker blogs covering Texas Holdem strategy Beste Spielothek in Fritzing finden other parts of the game, it is very nice to find fresh ideas and exciting articles about poker lifestyle, not just grinding through the days. She posts about things she admires in other players and things she finds amateurish. Poker Blog Die Dauer eines Sexy Succubus lässt sich mit folgender Daumenregel grob 25.000 Dollar In Euro Wenn die Einsätze so hoch sind, dass nur noch etwa 50 bis Big Blinds plus ggf. Ich habe den Gesichtsausdruck von Spieler B noch jetzt vor Augen - es war einfach zu köstlich. Ich nahm den Platz ein. Vor Mitternacht wird keines der Casino Restaurant Wien beendet sein. Beschäftigt sind die Spieler zumeist bis tief in die Nacht — Couplet-Ag. Einzige Option zum Sieg für ihn war, dass der Dealer ein Fehler begehen würde und die toten Karten der anderen Mitspieler wieder mit ins Deck kommen würden und dann Poker Blog er auch noch einer der beiden Zehner "finden". Die fünf bekanntesten und …. Ein Cash Game findet an einem Tisch statt. Ich konnte meine Finanzreserven bis auf leichte Rückschläge quasi permanent ausbauen.

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